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When it comes to our Training and Development we have all sat through countless sales training courses. And as a result, we’ve heard the same old rubbish. It sounds good at the time but doesn’t really give you any tangible long term results.

I took a deeper look into “why” the sales industry has become stagnant. I wanted to understand why the general public is saying it’s becoming harder for people to trust salespeople.

Did you know that sales professionals are as low as number 87 on a list of the top 100 most trusted professions? That bad considering 100 is the lowest! This is what the traditional approach to sales has given us, a poor reputation with little to no trust. I am aiming to change that. These out of date sales strategies and sales processes just don’t work anymore.

It’s all because of Sales Training Courses!

Sales professionals are actually taught in sales training courses to build trust. Yet the traditional approach to sales promotes the polar opposite. In the sales training courses I have attended over the past 30 years, they always told me to do things like:

  • Use trial closes throughout your discussions with the customer/prospect to test where they are at in the buying process.
  • Get as many minor yes’s as you can so they are used to saying yes. That way when you ask them for the big yes at the end, they are comfortable to give you a yes.
  • It will take at least 5 closes to get a customer to buy.
  • Don’t take no for an answer
  • How to deal with buyers remorse
  • Prepare for cancellation of order discussion
  • And the most offensive one for me – “buyers are Liars

Why do you think that buyers have become liars in the first place?

Because the sales fraternity has been using trickery and hard-nosed, pushy sales tactics for decades. Consumers have woken up to them. They are not lying, they are protecting themselves. Protecting themselves from all the “bullshit” they have had to put up with from salespeople. Yet we turn round and scoff at our customers.

Seriously… can we all grow up a bit please and start to treat our customers with some respect?

And if you get buyers remorse from customers and cancellations, doesn’t that prove your sales approach isn’t that good?

The Poor Tactics Learnt In Sales Training Courses

All these sales training courses and their tactics that we have been taught for decades may well get you some sales. However, they will also get you a pretty poor reputation. You should keep your numbers recorded. That way you know how you’re going as a sales professional. You will also find that your referrals and repeat business is extremely low too.

Are we really that naive to think today’s consumers will still fall for trickery, gimmicks and manipulation? What an absolute insult to your customer. Do you think this will actually build trust?

You need to know your prospect is serious and ready to buy. I call it being ready for you to solve their problems. It’s the reason they are talking to you in the first place. You should always correctly qualify them in the first place and not waste both their and your valuable time.

So the traditional approach to sales has given us the highly deserved reputation of being untrustworthy. We need to stop using this offensive sales approach. These old Sales Training Courses are a thing of the past.

This is why I developed my CORE+Selling course.  It is a more effective sales method and it’s proven to give you better and longer-lasting results. CORE+Selling is a sales strategy that’s much more relevant for today’s culture and today’s generational thinking.

There Is Now A Better Alternative To These Sales Training Courses.

I developed the CORE+Selling approach during my own time as a sales professional. Every sales training I attended in some shape or form came back to the clever tactics of the ‘closing’ approach to sales.

The closing approach to sales training became well known in the 1960’s-70’s by the American sales gurus such as Ziglar and Hopkins.

While this approach may work extremely well in America, it has proven to be not overly effective outside the USA. Because the only ‘sales guru’s’ at that time just happened to be American. We inherited this way of selling and this ‘closing’ method has become the standard around the world.

There are many different cultures around the world. What works in one culture does not necessarily mean it will work in another.

The One Size Fits All Sales Approach

This brings me to another huge problem for sales professionals that is almost universal. We have adopted a one size fits all approach to our selling. You want to be a successful sale professional and have a long and prosperous career. So you need to be adaptable to whoever is sitting in front of you. A one size fits all approach just won’t work.

Today’s customers are more educated in the sales process and are in tune with market dynamics. We need to be more aware of the customer’s needs than ever before. Using the CORE+Selling sales strategy, sales professionals are engaging better with customers. And as a result, converting more of the opportunities presented and at higher prices.

I am now passing on the benefits to CORE+Selling and therefore my sales training courses are becoming highly sought after.

My Own Approach

As a sales professional when I spoke to a customer, I could quickly discover where they were at. Learning what their circumstances were was important, and why they were about to do business with me.

Preferring to listen, I did very little talking. I learnt how to take the customer on a short but concise journey where they actually sold themselves and I often didn’t even have to ask them for the sale, they just gave it to me.

What I discovered was that I was doing business in half the time, with a lot less effort, and the price was rarely an objection. In fact, my profit margins increased by an average of 13%.

The “Your Price is too high” Objection

Do you know why customers use price as an objection not to buy from you?

Customers use price as an exit, it’s their only escape from a pushy salesperson. It is their default defensive option to deal with all that trickery and “used car sales tactics”. Customers know that price is the most difficult thing for salespeople to deal with. Here is something else salespeople forget or aren’t aware of. So salespeople get training on how to sell. However, customers have been taught how “not to buy”.

It is part of our upbringing. We distrust salespeople from an early age. We never sign on the dotted line straight away. Rather we think about it overnight.

Finally, as a direct result of our approach to sales over the last 50 years, we have mistrust from customers.

There is Some Hope!

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel which means there is a better way to sell.

Imagine this:

  • No more customer objections
  • Price is no longer the main focus
  • Having customers sell themselves
  • Doubling your sales conversions
  • Dramatically increase your profit margins
  • Getting your sales in half the time
  • Being ‘First in Mind’ in your industry and the go-to person or company

CORE+Selling sales workshops are for sales professionals & sales managers who want better sales results while building lasting relationships with clients.

After attending a CORE+Selling customised training course you will:

  • Increase your sales conversions
  • Increase your profit margins
  • Be relating better to customers and understanding all communication styles
  • Strengthen and build longer-lasting relationships
  • Improve referrals and repeat business
  • Have the team & individuals reach their full potential
  • Develop and fine-tune your sales process – ‘My Sales Road Map’

CORE+Selling will address all the above and more. Your content is carefully tailored to suit your business, your team and your culture to ensure you achieve maximum results.

It’s time to give your sales team the fresh motivation they need.

Are you ready to see the positive impact CORE+Selling can have on you and your company?

I believe this is the best & most motivational sales training available in the country, and quite possibly the world. I think that you will too.

Contact me today and let’s have a chat about how CORE+Selling can be tailored to help your business!

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