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Training and development is an important element of your employment package. Investing in the growth of those who are key players in your company is the greatest investment you can make. Your company growth will be directly proportional to the sum total of growth achieved by your staff. As they become better at what they do, your company offers more value to its clients.

Training and development

Why send your staff for Training and Development?

It takes time and resources to train your staff properly. One of the first comments I hear is “but we just can’t take our sales team off the job!”. Would you go to a doctor or dentist that hadn’t been properly trained?

Would you take your car (your second biggest personal asset) to a mechanic who wasn’t well trained? Of course not. Yet many businesses are happy to let untrained and ill-equipped sales staff loose on their potential customers. You spend a substantial amount of time and lots of money getting your marketing right. You invest this time and money to generate sales leads. So don’t you want the best quality people to look after them for you?

A Unique Industry

In the sales industry, the way we are trained is quite unique. For almost every other vocation there is some sort of formal study and preparation to be job-ready. It could be a university degree, a TAFE certificate, vocational training or a specialised course. There is a preparation period for developing industry knowledge and skills.

With sales, most of us have to learn on the job. You may have received a small in-house sales training session, or even been sent to a generic sales course. These generic sales courses are often not based on our industry. Afterwards, we are on our own and need to take it from there.

Quality Sales Training Courses are a need for anyone in a Sales position. There are great keys to learn which will help any salesperson be better for their company and better for their customer. It is also good to attend Customer Service Training at some point as well.

How Have Your Sales People been Trained?

I travel around the world training people regularly. I’m always ask when and how salespeople have been trained, I generally get one of these two answers:

  • The training was provided when I first started my job.
  • We sometimes get some training, but it’s all the same stuff and doesn’t achieve a great deal.

It just wouldn’t make sense if you don’t properly equip your staff as they as your biggest asset. Ensure your biggest income stream, your stream of new customers, are properly attended to.       

Then there is the fear of staff turnover after investing in them. So, a typical management conversation goes something like this;

CFO: “But what if we train our staff and they leave us?”      
“What if we don’t and they stay?”

I love the well-known quote from Sir Richard Branson about his most valuable assets:

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”

Sir Richard Branson

So, if you train salespeople so they’re super effective and performing above the benchmark, why would they want to leave?

It will cost you between $1000 and $5000 to replace a staff member. Plus you need to consider the downtime and lost revenue in the process. Training your staff is actually much, much cheaper and faster than replacing them.

Let me ask you a question:

How much money could your company be losing by not properly equipping your sales team to perform at their best?

Missed sales opportunities, unnecessarily discounting too much, failing to recognise where they could up-sell or generate add-on sales, repeat business and referrals.

So if the argument for not training your sales or customer service team is the cost, it is certainly far more costly for you not to train your team.

Here Is A Simple ROI Equation On Training And Development.

If I can get your team to increase their performance by just 10%, how does that extra revenue compare to the training cost? What about a 20% or a 30% increase?

It is not uncommon for a salesperson to increase their sales conversions by 50% and higher AND also increase their profit margins after my training. Don’t lose any more valuable sales opportunities, let’s chat and see how I can help.

Bruce Bowen


Get more sales conversions and higher profits with fully customised and targeted training for your sales team. Why settle for the 80/20 rule and have only a few top gun sales people. Train the rest so they can perform to the same level.

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