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What makes Bruce’s sales training courses different?

We have all sat through countless  sales training courses, hearing the same old stuff that sounds good at the time but doesn’t really give you long term results.  That’s why Bruce wanted to look deeper into why the sales industry has become stagnant and why it’s becoming harder for people to trust sales people.

Did you know that sales professionals are as low as #87 on a list of the most trusted professions? Bruce is aiming to change that. These out of date sales strategies and sales processes just don’t work anymore.

Sales professionals are taught to build trust with their customers, yet the traditional approach to sales does not reflect that.

So, why do we continue to use the same sales methods? This is why Bruce Bowen developed CORE+Selling.  It is a more effective sales method and it’s proven to give you better and longer lasting results. CORE+Selling is a sales strategy that’s much more relevant for today’s culture and today’s generational thinking.

Sales training now has a better choice.

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Bruce Bowen originally developed  CORE+Selling sales training because while the American ‘closing approach’ to sales may work well in America, it has proven to  be not overly effective outside the USA. Yet this ‘closing’ method has become the standard around the world and is no longer an effective sale option. Today’s customers are more educated in the sales process and are in tune with market dynamics, therefore we need to be more aware of the customers needs than ever. Using the CORE+Selling sales strategy, sales professionals are engaging better with customers and hence converting more of the opportunities presented and at higher prices. Bruce now passes on the secrets to CORE+Selling and his  sales training courses have become highly sough after in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and internationally.


No more customer objections

  • Price is no longer the main focus
  • Having customers sell themselves
  • Being ‘First in Mind’ in your industry

CORE+Selling sales workshops are for sales professionals & sales managers who want better sales results while building lasting relationships with clients. 

After attending a CORE+Selling sales training course  you will:

  • Increase your sales conversions
  • Increase your profit margins
  • Have you relating  better to customers and understanding all communication styles
  • Strengthen and build longer lasting relationships
  • Improve referrals $ repeat business
  • Have the team & individuals reach their full potential
  • Develop and fine tune your sales process – ‘My Sales Road Map’

CORE+Selling will address all the above and more. Your content is carefully tailored to suit your business, your team and your culture to ensure you achieve maximum results. 



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Is it time to give your sales team the fresh motivation they are looking fore? Are you ready to see the positive impact CORE+Selling can have on your company? Then contact Bruce today for the best  motivational sales training available in the country. Do you want a FREE copy of Bruce’s book to get an overview of what CORE+Selling is all about? Drop Bruce an email and he will send you a copy, not only that, but he won’t even ask you for your details. No gimmicks and no tricks – he just hopes you find something valuable to help you with your sales strategy. Of course, if you have any questions about sales training, or would like to discuss your current sales strategy, or if you’re ready to organise your own customised sales course / workshop feel free to get in touch. You can contact Bruce by calling 0412 802 193, or simply click the ’email Bruce” link below.