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Are Our Sales Skills Perspectives Outdated?

Many Peoples Sales Skills Are Totally Outdated!

There is a widely reported void in much of today’s approach to sales skills and it comes from outdated sales training methods.

This isn’t just my comment. You can open the business pages of newspapers and magazines across the country and read reports from HR and sales managers. Even research and audit companies explaining the shortfalls of today’s sales training.

One research company quotes a recent report based on figures taken from a leading Customer Relationship Management system. It shows the overall enquiry rate, to the actual sales ratio. Or to put it another way: “what goes in the top of the CRM funnel to what comes out the bottom as a successful business transaction” it had fallen to 2.4%. Consumer buying patterns and our sales strategies are simply no longer on the same page.

Now that is quite alarming to say the least.  

sales skills

The Changing Landscape

Consumers have moved on from the sales and business culture of the 1970s and 1980s. They have evolved into the consumer that they are today.

Consumers have developed extra savvy awareness, search skills and the other things the internet has educated them with. Human beings are now much smarter consumers.

The Problem Is: Our Sales Skills Have Not Evolved.

There have been new and updated sales training courses with different colours and fancy names added. They may have been wrapped up in bright shiny paper with fancy names. Some even make us shout in the mirror and jump up and down and do whatever else is the latest fad.

What you will find, however, that underneath many if not most of them, is still the same content that we had 30 years ago. They have not changed with the times. And the reports are coming out that “today’s sales training simply does not last.”.

Sure, there is the initial boost in excitement and enthusiasm from the sales team and the sales figures even increase for a while. However, it doesn’t take long for the status quo to return. The same routine kicks in again. And the slog of having to self-motivate to be successful in a sales role becomes once again crippling.

Again, there is a temptation for sales professionals to return to trickery and pressure tactics. For the company, the profits again take a dive as the salesperson’s default negotiation method is to discount just to get the sale.

The World is Changing! We Need To Leave The Past Behind.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that all of the training content is no good or not relevant, much of it is. However, it’s lacking elements that are consistent with our evolving consumer culture and thought patterns. Okay, I am saying that some things should just be left behind.

The world is changing at a rapid rate. With generational differences, multicultural diversities, changing marketing trends and so on, things are changing fast. As salespeople, we need to come to terms with these changes. And be aware of the plethora of ideas, tolerances, tastes and the need to have a flexible approach to doing business. 

So, as sales professionals, we are just trying to do the best we can, with whatever skills we have.

We could, of course, train salespeople on how to adapt to this changing world. But that would cost money, so they will eventually sort it out by themselves ………………… won’t they? 

It’s Not Completely The Salesperson’s Fault!

We have to keep up and change our sales training to meet today’s changing landscape.

I will let you ponder this blog for a while to see where you might fit as a salesperson in the change of landscape.

Stay tuned and I will write more on this topic shortly. In the meantime, ask yourself –

Are my sales skills relevant for today’s consumer mindset?

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