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I’m often asked the question we know you’re different and what you do works, but what the heck is it, why does it work so well, and how can it help me.

As a sales trainer I take an opposing view to the majority.

For the last 50 years we’ve allowed our sales culture to be set by the American sales gurus, and while their way of doing things may be perfect for the American culture it is not perfect for ours. Perhaps that’s why salespeople are some of the least trusted professionals in our community.  In fact, we are rated as low as 85 out of 100 trusted professionals.  Using this closing approach as a sales method is fundamentally flawed and is no longer relevant in our culture.  I would even suggest that no one actually likes being closed.  

The simple sales method that I’ve developed, “CORE+Selling”

is where the customer is genuinely at the core of all activity.

CORE is an easy questioning technique where the customer feels safe, respected

and in control of the whole sales process.  The + part refers to how we do it. Understanding how to relate to each individual customer and present your information is the real plus in the sales approach. Trust and relationship is at the heart of CORE+Selling, it is powerfully simple and builds massive likeability, trust and respect with your customers.  Circumstances, obstacles, repercussions, examples and solutions.  Find the answers to these questions,

solve the customer’s problems in the right way and you have just used CORE+Selling.

No more objections, no more sales games or tricks and no more defensive screens put up from the customer.  This is a modern approach with good old-fashioned integrity.

Entrepreneurs and top 100 global companies are asking me to teach them

CORE+Selling.   It works for them and it will work for you too.

If you would like your sales process to be easier and more effective, then let’s have a chat and see how CORE+Selling can help your business.

I wish you higher conversions and higher profits.

Bruce Bowen

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