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Today we’re going to have a look at one of the most important things that a sales person can win and that is, how to

deal with client objections, so that you can make more sales.

Well, there are two ways you can deal with your client’s objection –

1/ At the time it’s presented to you by your client


2/ Right up front.

Firstly, let’s first define what objection is.  My definition of an objection is simply your customer asking for more information, it is that simple.

Far too often I see sales people so intent on telling their story that they stop listening to what the customer’s story is, therefore, in the process they miss all the vital cues that the customer is giving them and telling them about the information they need.

The result is, the customer presents them with “objections” as they still don’t have everything that they need, they’ve got

unanswered questions that are not resolved in order for them to feel comfortable to buy your product or service.

So, if we paid more attention to our customer’s needs and less of our own needs, we would pick up on all those little signals and signs from our customer and give them the information they need to make the decision we want to make.

It means we need to be actively listening to our clients about

building the right level of rapport with the people in front of us, having the right road map and taking our customer on the

right journey, giving them all the right communication messages and providing all the good feelings the customer wants and

meeting their behavioural style needs.

If you learn to do that, the sale will take care of itself.   It is that simple.

It’s not about sales people and what we think it’s always about the customer and their issues their fears, their good

feelings and how they do things.

Surprisingly, it’s actually very easy once you learn the skills. It’s not hard and it will happen very naturally.  After a little bit of practice, you won’t even have to think about it, chances are you’ll be blown away by how well this will work for you.

I’ve applied these strategies for the past 30 plus years in my own sales career and it’s never failed me. So, when you get this right you will make more sales a lot more easily and you’ll do it in less time.  Not only that, you’ll have happier customers that will gladly refer more business your way and they’ll be repeat customers. They will also be happy to pay a premium price for your product or service because everything that’s

happened has been built on trust that’s developed through the entire sales process.

Wishing you abundant success through

abundant mind.

Bruce Bowen

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