Corporate Sales Training Programs

Are Corporate Sales Training Programs Worth Doing?

Corporate Sales Training Programs can differ widely.

However, the answer is both yes and no.

Firstly, though there is a pertinent question that needs answering. Why are you asking this question?

Generally, it is simply because you need either more sales, or more profit – or perhaps both.  A far too common trap that small to medium business fall into is they put sales and customer service training at the bottom of the list of the myriad of things they have to do. Corporate Sales Training Programs are a must for all Corporations.

Corporate Sales Training Programs

In fact, American Express uncovered an interesting point about the plight of customer service in Australia. In a list of things most important to do when building a business, sales training and branding was put last.

Now I know there are a million things to do when building a business. And you spread the load and finances around as best you can. But to ignore up-skilling your sales staff is just dumb.

You spend a small fortune on web design, SEO and everything IT. You get your systems in place, fit out your office, car, showroom and equipment. Then you have to deal with one of the biggest ongoing costs, marketing. By now there has been quite an investment, and we need to get the sales rolling in. Corporate Sales Training Programs will help you make the most of your marketing results.

So, we get ourselves a sales team whether it be 1 or 20. That’s it, everything is taken care of and the business will come flooding through our door!!

Or will it?

Corporate Sales Training Programs Will Equip Your Staff

But have you taken the time to fully equip your sales staff?

Your customers, and potential customers have cost a lot of money to obtain. And they need exceptional care, service and massaging to be the backbone of your business.

Far too many people in business think they can just go to the supermarket and pick up a suitable and qualified sales professional off the shelf.

Oh, if it were that easy! You need to invest in those who are investing in your company, its an investment booster. Good quality training and development will set your staff head and shoulders above your competition.

Let me ask you a question.

How much does it cost you just to get people to talk to you about your business?

If you don’t know the answer I suggest you do the math and learn that figure. Then work out your sales conversions.

  • How many people do your sales staff speak to, to get 1 customer?
  • Is it 1 customer per 3 people/prospects?
  • 1 in 8, or higher?

Add up the cost of all the prospects or potential customers that don’t do business with you, and there are your lost sales. Is it not worth equipping your sales staff properly. Equipping them so you can reduce that lost sales figure, and increase both turnover and profit?

Lost Profit You Don’t Even Know About!

Speaking of profit, do you know how much your sales staff are giving away un-necessarily just to get their sales? Most sales staff, if given half a chance, use price reduction as their default negotiation tool. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So, the answer to engaging sales training for your team is a resounding yes. In fact the reality is, you can’t afford not to.

But then how could the answer be no?

Just like in any industry there are the good and the bad.

Sadly, the sales training industry has far too many unexperienced people calling themselves sales trainers. People who have had very little sales experience and think that qualifies them to become a sales trainer.

The other issue is that when sales training became a thing in the 1970’s the only sales gurus there were in the world happened to be American. So, in Australia we inherited the American sales culture by default.

Now before anyone gets upset and says I’m having a go at Americans or their culture, I certainly am not. What I am saying is that their culture is different from ours and we need a different sales approach. That makes sense doesn’t it?

So, you need to say a great big NO to many in the sales training industry who wont really equip your sales staff in the right way. But how do you know the difference?  

Selecting Your Sales Trainer

Here are some things for you to consider in selecting a sales trainer:

  • Do they have more than just a few years of sales experience themselves where they fine-tuned and developed their craft.
  •  Are they just educators, who may be good at teaching theory, but have no reference point of experience to put it all in to a relevant context for you?
  • How successful were they as a sales professional, or did they choose to teach because they couldn’t do?
  • Where is the training content from, and is it specifically written for the Aussie culture?
  • Will it be customised for your industry, and also your work culture, or will it be a one size fits all approach to sales?
  • Has the trainer personally developed their skills as a professional trainer and understand adult learning including the 3 learning styles and the 4 different behavioual styles?
  • There are many other attributes than just sales skills required to be a successful sales professional, are they teaching these as well?
  • Do they have a proven process or tool for sales people to develop their skills and grow as they should do?  And I’m not talking about sales programs, be careful about these as many of them are purely an income stream for the training company.
  • Do they provide back up support for your sales staff or just Train, Take your money and wave goodbye?

Hopefully this will help you get the right person to equip your team.

Are Corporate Sales Training Programs worth the money you pay? Absolutely, every cent. Your return on investment will see more sales at higher profits.

If you get stuck, then give me a call and I would be happy to chat and make it easier for you.  

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