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Is your sales strategy relevant for the year in which you’re selling? Even today is different than it was 10 years ago or

or 40 years ago for that matter, yet why is it that our sales strategies and our sales training is often still stuck back in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Today’s consumers are more educated than ever before. They can get any information they want at the click of a button.

We are more multicultural than we’ve ever been and the generational differences in thinking and attitudes is more

relevant than it’s ever been.

So, when it comes to sales, quite simply it’s time for our sales culture to grow up.

This is why I have designed CORE+Selling technique.

They are skill sets that work together to equip and empower today’s salesperson for today’s market, whether you’re a

sales professional or whether you’re in retail sales or whether you’re a small business owner, CORE+Selling will give you the tools that you need to sell to more people more often and you’ll do it simpler and easier. In fact, I guarantee it.  

CORE+Selling in my opinion is the most up-to-date most relevant sales training program that there is around


Wishing you abundant success through an

abundant mind.

Bruce Bowen

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