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Awesome Sales Tips For The Budding Sales Person

This is a list of wonderful sales tips to help you along in your journey.

Awesome Sales Tip 1

Have you ever had a shopping or business experience that left you saying:

“I will never come back here again!”

Sadly, most employees these days do not have any customer service training or learn any selling skills to be the best in their field.

Most staff do not understand the frightening 1:12 ratio.

For every bad experience we have with a business, it takes 12 good ones to make up for it.

OR for every negative experience or emotion we have, it will take 12 positive ones to get us back to the neutral ground with that business or person.

  • Do you have customers, prospects or connections that haven’t returned?  
  • Have they had a bad or negative experience?

Pay attention to every tiny detail of the interaction with your customers & connections. Make sure you are giving them the best customer service experience. Work damn hard to give your customers 12 fantastic experiences before they leave you forever.

Equip your staff with selling skills and give them some customer service training so that you do not lose your customers to someone else.

Awesome Sales Tip 2

During a recent sales training in Melbourne, we focussed the entire training on not selling on price.

At some stage in our business, we have all been tempted to sell on Price. Sometimes it may be a last resort to get business.

The competition is high in Melbourne, that is why you need to continually work at it, equip your staff with sales training courses.

But don’t bastardise your product or service to compete on price as a business method, you don’t need to.

For the last 40 years a survey of the top 10 economies, has shown that price has constantly been No. 5 in the list of things most important to customers.

That means if you find the 4 that are more important to a customer and address those.

With CORE+Selling we focus on this exact topic and proving amazing results for the business.

Awesome Sales Tip 3

When talking with a client we so often go straight into our solution and the benefits of our product/service.

We have no sales process we follow, and our sales skills have become stale.

How many times do you get that 6th sense that somewhere along the line you missed something and as a result has not done business? Often it is because we are quick to talk and slow to listen- really listen. As a result, we miss the vital clues the client is telling us and we don’t answer their questions the way we need to.

Slow down, listen to what is being said, clarify the question, now solve the problem and give the answer they want, not what you want.

Have a sales process to follow and constantly brush up on your valuable sales skills.

Awesome Sales Tip 4

Practice does not make perfect!!

If you are practising something the wrong way, then your results will reflect that.  

We are creatures of habit and will do the same today as we did yesterday.

Have you taken time out recently to look at your sales process and how you interact with your customers?

‘Perfect practice makes perfect’.

Take time to sharpen your axe, improve your methods and your sales skills.

Now you can practice perfectly and get those perfect results.      

Awesome Sales Tip 5

For decades the sales training experts have been telling us;

“Get 3 minor yes’s, then do a trial close, blah blah blah, get 3 more yes’s and then another trial close, blah blah blah”

Can we stop all this manipulative trickery? Can we stop the sales crap and go straight to the big NO at the end?

Solve the customer’s problems. Do it according to their behaviour style. Give your customer all the good feelings your product or service has to offer. And answer all their questions.

There is a better way to sell. With CORE+Selling Sales Training we show you HOW to solve customers problems and in the process get more business with high-profit margins.

Awesome Sales Tip 6

Most salespeople speak to their clients from their own behaviour style.

This method will only win you business generally 25% and at most 50% of the time.

Learn a better sales strategy to recognise their behavioural style and interact accordingly.

Now watch your sales soar and your bank balance too.

Awesome Sales Tip 7

A successful sale is based on the good feelings you can provide your customer/client.

Your product or service is just the medium or vehicle you use to provide those good feelings.

The more good feelings you can provide, the more likely it is of a successful sale.                                           

Awesome Sales Tip 8

Be as excited about what you are doing today, as you were the first day you started.

Refresh your sales skills. Learn new ways to keep your sales motivation as fresh as your first day.

That excitement rubs off on to the people you deal with. They will want to deal with and do business with you more often.

Awesome Sales Tip 9

If you’re not getting the answers you are wanting from your client, there is a hidden objection somewhere.

Refresh your selling skills with a sales course. Learn how to ask open-ended questions to dig it out. Then you will be able to deal with it, satisfy their need and move on to doing business with them.

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