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We hope you enjoy our CORE+Selling Sales Tips. Thanks for dropping by. As you flick through these sales tips I trust you find something to help you in your daily sales activities. If you would like to find out how CORE+Selling (Our upgrade to all of the sales training courses) is doubling peoples sales conversions, and getting higher profits, then get in touch and I would love to chat and show how it can do the same for you. Did you know that sales professionals are as low as number 87 on a list of the top 100 most trusted professions? That bad considering 100 is the lowest! This is what the traditional approach to sales has given us, a poor reputation little to no trust. I am aiming to change that. These out of date sales strategies and sales processes just don’t work anymore.

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About Bruce Bowen

I’m Bruce Bowen, Founder of Sales Training With Results. I’m in the Sales Training Industry. I dramatically increase companies sales volumes and profit margins by empowering their team with a superior sales methodology. In over 30 years of experience as a sales professional I’ve worked with a range of different industries. It’s been my privilege to have worked with Top 100 Global Companies, Large Australian Companies, Local Government, Universities, Car Dealerships, Professional Bodies, Business Enterprise Centres, and more. In my history as an employed sales person my sales record is notable. I achieved number 1 sales person for 9 years running in a building company I worked for. In my sales training role I have enabled sales professionals around the world to achieve up to 143% increase in sales with a 9% rise in profit.

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