These are real results from training gained between 3 & 12 months after attending a CORE+Selling workshop

Profit increase 7.5% Conversion Increase 25%   Graham – Medical Supplies

Profit increase 9% Conversion Increase 75%   Jo – Machinery Sales

Profit increase 3%   Conversion Increase 20%   Terry – Machinery Sales

Profit increase 5%   Conversion Increase 86%   Liam – Machinery Rental

Profit increase 3.9%   Conversion Increase 35%   Cailtlyn – Software Solutions

Profit increase 9%   Conversion Increase 115%   Brian – Office Supplies

Profit increase 2.8% Conversion Increase 40%  Nick – Home Improvements

Profit increase 11% Conversion Increase 97%  Tracey – Kitchen Renovation

Read about real situations where sales professionals have used skills learnt from sales training to win business, where they previously failed to.  

The Challenge: Customer won’t pay for regular service to save money- but want us to fix equipment at no cost as part of our service to them.

What happened: After a site visit to address equipment breakdown we advised the customer the equipment would have to be de-commissioned for a period of time. Of course the customer was not happy so I used the “B.I.” method Bruce taught us to get the customer to see the importance of our processes and service and the price was no longer an issue for them.

The outcome: A frustrating problem that had occurred for quite some time was easily solved. Price was no longer an issue for them and the customer was happy to add this into their budget.

Nilesh – pharmaceutical company [Australia]


The Challenge: The customer requested extra support & training but due to multiple departments & managers involved no one could agree on what to do and numerous attempts to contact them went unanswered.

What Happened: I remembered the “defining boundaries” principle I learnt in training. I found common goals and outcomes each manager wanted and we resumed discussions. Then using the “triple F” tool and the “choice of 3” approach, I was able to funnel the decision to our best solution. Also they agreed the price was no longer an obstacle.

The Outcome: I quickly and easily got everyone on the same page and a decision was made. We delivered our service in a timely and efficient process for our original asking price.

Michael – Medical Supplies [Australia]


3 Challenges from Erik

Challenge 1: Struggling to get the desired engagement from the customer.

What happened: Referring to “My Sales Road Map” – I asked the “R” questions and discovered their “real” needs. The customer opened up to me more and we developed excellent common ground.

The outcome: I was able to present our proposal and secure the contract.


Challenge 2: Being shut out by “gatekeepers” at reception

What happened: Using the tools Bruce taught I was able to build excellent rapport with the gatekeepers to the point where they volunteered the information I needed with a smile and friendly manner.

The outcome: I contacted and made appointments with the decision maker to discuss options for their company.


Challenge 3: To encourage the customer to see the need for a contingency option in their operations. The customer is only focused on price and the cost of running his business – this makes any discussion extremely difficult as the customer is closed minded and resistant to change.

What happened: I used the “CORE” selling method and the customer became aware of possible challenges and even higher running costs. He opened up to possible risk factors and re-thought the benefits of a contingency plan.

The outcome: After presenting a few options at the customers request, the customer decided on a solution that would fit their needs and we delivered our machinery to site.

Erik – Air compressor solutions [USA]


Challenge: As part of a supply agreement the customer was to install a small shed to protect our electrical equipment from the weather. After discovering this had not been done and asked for it to be rectified we got excuses and delays while our equipment was at risk and at great cost to us.  

What happened: Thinking about the “TPOV” principle, I re-phrased the request, shifted the focus to cause the customer a big potential problem and made myself the villain by having to shut down the equipment using the “BONI” tool.

The outcome: The customer was not prepared to take the new risk presented to him and installed a temporary shed to protect our equipment immediately.

Hemarrajan – equipment rental [India]


Challenge: I was finding hard to relate to a particular customer. No matter what I did he wouldn’t open up or trust my recommended solutions.

What happened: I flicked through my work manual from training and saw the “Opposing V’s Side by Side” Illustration. Using the behavioural profiling tool we learnt, I re-phrased my message to suit the way he does things.

The outcome: He opened up, and seemed receptive to my solution. After a few modifications he soon became a customer.

Rob – Pest Control [Australia]


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