Life Skills Training Will Benefit Your Team

From School Leavers to the over 40s, Life Skills Training Is a Life Upgrade!

What is life skills training?

Life Skills Training is essential for anyone to complete if they want more success in their life. The skills I am referring to are the ones that make doing business easier and more efficient. Business skills are primarily divided into 2 types. 

  • Hard skills, which is your knowledge or technical skills, what you go to Uni or further study for. 
  • Soft skills, which are the ones that make your hard skills work.

Life Skills
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The Benefits of Life Skills Training

life skills training

Life Skills Training is all about developing your Soft Skills.

Soft skills include communication, interpersonal, emotional intelligence, leadership, organisational, time management, interactive skills, problem-solving, thinking on your feet and teamwork.

Anything that involves you relating or interacting with other people will in some way fall under the soft skills banner.

There are 3 immediate “business” benefits in developing these skills with your team.

  • Getting more customers
  • Keeping customers
  • Having an efficient and happier team 

Dealing With People Who Haven’t Had Life Skills Training

We all know of someone who is extremely smart with a high IQ. Their hard skills are usually amazing. However, they can have difficulty in getting their message across to others in a congruent way. 

This causes frustration both internally and externally, unnecessary mistakes, workplace tension, and inefficiency. 

It can cost us business by not converting the sales opportunities we market so hard to get. It is also a cause for customer dissatisfaction which in turn impacts both repeat and referral business. 

Divisions Between Teams

There has always been a level of tension in almost every business in the world between the marketing team and the sales team. Any sales training in Australia will teach you about this issue.

When sales or revenue is down, they both like to blame each other as the root cause.

Sound familiar? Think of it like this.

  • The marketing team represents Hard Skills and the Sales team the Soft Skills.
  • The sales team needs the marketing team to have really good hard skills and the marketing team need the sales team to have really good soft skills.
  • And they need each other to truly succeed.

* Now this is just an analogy to make my point, so we will leave any diagnostics about it there.

Soft Skills are Often Forgotten

Our hard skills are often referred to as “the obvious skills”. And the soft skills as “the forgotten skills”. Soft skills are often an afterthought in our business activities or upskilling of our staff.

The 3 fundamental benefits of having good soft skills are 

  1. Being self-aware of the way we do things – our natural communication preference 
  2. Understanding the impact or effect we have on others
  3. Recognising how others do things, their preferences, and adapting what we do to suite 

We can all give a reasonably good explanation of what we do. But how many of us can effectively explain How we do it?

Even more important is how we would explain the impact, effect, or benefits to our customers, of How we do it.  However, when we can answer this clearly, we will go a long way to getting customers, keeping customers and having a great workplace culture as well.

A Big Question To Answer

Would you like your team to be a well-oiled machine? A team with less unnecessary and time-consuming problems and better team engagement? Also, would you like a happier and more positive work environment with better productivity?

Let’s chat about your situation and see what the options are to have a lot less stress and to make your life a little easier.

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