Frequently Asked Questions about this Sales Strategy

What is CORE+Selling?

CORE+Selling is the most up to date and relevant sales strategy for today’s culture and generational thinking. Match your solutions to the customer’s issues and challenges and the customer actually sells themselves – they do the work for you. You don’t have to deal with objections, there is no more buyers remorse, and price becomes far less important to the customer. Imagine not having to discount your product or service to win the business – you can with CORE+Selling.

Why the need for another sales approach?

We have inherited the American “Closing ” sales strategy by default and it does not suit the way we do business. By default, I mean that 40 years ago when the world started it’s journey of sales training and sales methodology, the only sales gurus there were in the world happened to be American – so that is what we got. While this approach may be perfect for the American culture, it is not always suited outside America.


Do you have results to prove CORE+Selling works?

Absolutely. There are numerous examples and endorsements from sales professionals singing the praises of the CORE+Selling. sales strategy. Many have more than doubled their sales figures and dramatically increased their profit margins as well.               Check the results here


Does CORE+Selling work for any industry?

Yes, CORE+Selling suits any industry and is the perfect tool for any sales situation.


Where can I attend training in CORE+Selling?

All over the world. We can deliver training where ever you need it to be. Just assemble your team and we will take it from there.


How long is the training?

Different teams have different needs, Training can be from 1 day to 3 days, and from a once only training event to multiple follow up sessions as required. The CORE+Selling program is fully customised to suit your industry, your culture and your team requirements.


What is “My Sales Road Map”?

“My Sales Road Map” keeps the individual accountable for their own professional development and take responsibility for the learning they received in the training room. “My Sales Road Map” helps a sales person develop effective skills and put them together in an efficient sales strategy  to take the customer on a successful journey. It also eliminates the “one size fits all approach to selling” so you will see better results for your team.