Occasionally periodic follow up to training is required to keep things on track. While some sales professionals find it easy to be self-motivated and are driven to succeed, others need more guidance until they reach that same state of confidence. The ‘Sales Managers Manual’ is designed to help you do just this. It will certainly help you grow your team’s skills and mindset, and for the occasions when a follow up visit from Bruce is required to give them the second burst they need, he is ready to assist in any way he can.  Hey, sometimes they just need to hear the same message from someone else.

If you are a Sales Manager and would like some ideas on how to get your team to excel, Bruce is more than happy to help with you with this as well. Bruce believes his job done when he is no longer needed. His aim right from the beginning is to make himself obsolete and for you to fully take the reigns and deliver a motivated & effective sales team producing high level results.