3 Day Intensive Sales Conference

Whether you are a seasoned sales and just want to sharpen your skills, or a sales rookie just starting out, the 3 Day Intensive will have you half way down the straight with finishing line clearly in sight.

Most sales professionals take years to develop their craft and another bunch of years to perfect it. The 3 Day Intensive cuts through all the rubbish and pain of learning on the job and gives you what you need to be in the top 3% of your field. It is called an Intensive for a reason – to prepare you for the top.

You will learn:

    • Sales skills
    • Psychology
    • People skills
    • NLP skills (neuro Linguistic programming)
    • Fantastic little nuggets of wisdom and even skills taught to the FBI and CIA.

This goes far beyond any sales training – it is training for the top 3%.
If you want to be a top level sales professional with true influence in your industry, then keep popping back to this site for event notifications, or better still, contact Bruce to see when the next intensive is on in your city. If you are a manger and would like to run an exclusive 2 or 3 Day Intensive for your team, contact Bruce to discuss your requirements.