business-skills-As a trainer and coach I am often asked “What is the most important skill I could have to build my business or make more sales?”   My response is always the same…….                ‘understanding your impact on other people’

There is soooo much information at our fingertips about how to do just about anything. Some good, some not so good, and many of the authors are trying to find that point of difference or niche, a way to re-word or find a unique perspective so it can be called their own. In the process I feel we are over complicating things where we don’t need to, and loosing sight of some very important basics. In particular, our communication skills and methods.

Can you honestly say you have the self awareness of knowing how other people perceive you? This is where millions of dollars worth of business is lost, and more often than not we have no idea. We just put it down to poor timing, price, product type, our competitors and even a personality difference.

If you can recognise how people perceive you, then you can make the required adjustments along the way so you get a much better outcome. Before we can do this however we need to understand our natural way of doing things, our natural behaviour style – or as many put it, our personality profile. Knowing and understanding this is the beginning of getting back those millions of lost dollars of business. This most important skill will do three things.

  1. It provides the incredible insight of how we do things.
  2. We can understand our impact on others by the way we do things.
  3. We can start to recognise the natural behaviour style of others, and adjust our communication style accordingly.

So where and how do we do this? There are many profiling tools in the market and at the end they all get to the same thing. For me the most efficient and simple tool to learn and understand is DISC. You can learn it in a day, and be putting it into action tomorrow.  While other tools eventually get to the same point, for me some are so complicated and in depth that they loose their practicality. At this point you may be saying- yes I have done one of those personality things before. But have you really understood it and made a conscious effort to use it in your daily business communications? If not, then revisit the learning and get back those lost millions of dollars.

Understanding this science literally doubled my business and my income. Understanding your impact on other people is the most important skill you can have to build your business —- and your bank balance.

Aug 29th & Sept 2nd

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