1 on 1 Coaching

Sales Coaching and mentoring with sales professional Bruce Bowen

Sometimes we just need personalised mentoring to get us sorted and where we need to be.

While group training, sales seminars and workshops are good, often our personal needs and challenges are missed or not given the attention they need. As sales individuals we have our own flavour and approach that is unique to us, and it should be that way. So let’s give you what you need to drive you forward – A customised strategy that will work for you.

So how does coaching work?

Sales coaching and mentoring works with CORE+Selling
  • First we chat by phone to see where you are at. I will get a feel for you sales approach and what’s working for you and what’s not. I will do my homework on your industry to understand and the inherent culture and challenges.
  • Next we will review your skill sets. We will identify your strengths and your gaps so I can give you the right skills to fill those gaps in, for you and your industry.
  • Lastly I will develop a sales strategy for you that will give you what you need to escalate your sales success.
  • Coaching sessions will be On-line live video coaching in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. Generally via Skype or Zoom.

What outcomes can you expect.

Sales coaching that guarantees results

I guarantee, that’s right – I absolutely guarantee if you practice and develop your new knowledge and skills, you will improve both your sales conversions and your profit margins. You will find you have increased efficiency and enjoy more of those productive sales conversations. Your confidence will grow and with-it positive engagement from prospects and customers. Typically, sales professionals I have worked with have seen an increase in sales conversions at the bottom end of 30%, and at the top end of over 100%. The best result to date is 143%. Depending on the industry and product, you can expect an increase in profit margin from 2% to 15%. If you are on commission or a bonus structure, that puts some serious extra income in your pocket?

The engagement

Customised Sales coaching to suit you

After our initial discussions, if you feel comfortable with my approach you simply engage me as your sales coach and mentor. Every engagement is different just as every person’s needs are different. I will make a recommendation of an initial number of coaching sessions between 60 – 90 mins long. The initial number of sessions is usually 4, 6 or 8. After that we can go session by session until you don’t need me anymore. My aim is to make myself obsolete as quickly as possible

The really important bit

Sales coaching where you control the process

You are in control of the process. You tell me what your good and not so good at. You choose the initial number of sessions you engage m for. You tell me your preferred coaching times, subject to diary availability. After that, you stop at any time.

Why choose coaching?

Sales coaching to get results

If you want better results, then you need a better process. Coaching is customised to your specific needs and together we will develop a sales strategy that your comfortable with and works for you. I am here to make sure you get better results.

Either use the contact form above or pick up the phone and we can chat: +61 412 802 193 . I get a real kick out of making sales people successful – and I would love to help you.

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