Typical results achieved after training

115 % rise in sales

9% rise in profits

Brian – office supplies, Sydney

97 % rise in sales

11% rise in profits

Tracey – kitchen renovations Perth

86 % rise in sales

5% rise in profits

Liam – machinery rentals Melbourne

See the results sales professionals are getting using CORE+Selling?

They talk about:

  • Their Challenge

  • The new skills used

  • The Outcome

The Sales Trainer More Australian & Multinational Companies Trust

Drive sales and improve your profit margin with  CORE+Selling sales training.

Bruce Bowen developed CORE+Selling method because the traditional approach to sales training is no longer relevant.

The general public are more educated and well aware of trickery & pressure tactics. As a result, the trust in sales professionals is at an all-time low. 

The problem with traditional sales training

We are taught to build trust with our customers, yet the traditional approach to sales has left sales people as low as number 87 on a list of 100 most trusted professions.  As Bruce often asks – “do you like being closed? – do you know anyone who likes being closed?” So why are we still using this ineffective method of selling?

CORE+Selling is a more effective sales method that will give you higher conversions and higher profits.

Imagine a sales process where:

    • No more customer objections
    • Price is no longer the main focus
    • Being ‘First in Mind’ in your industry
    • No buyer’s remorse
    • No more defensive walls to block the sale

How Bruce’s Sales Coaching can Help you

CORE+Selling is for Sales Professionals and Sales Managers who want better sales results.                                                  

This sales training course will:

  • Increase your sales conversions
  • Increase your profit margins
  • Have you relating to all communication styles better
  • Strengthen and build better relationships
  • Improve referrals $ repeat business
  • Have the team & individuals reach their full potential
  • Develop and fine tune your ‘Sales Road Map’

Bruce is the author of “Its Time for our Sales Culture to Grow Up” If you would like a free copy of this book, please contact Bruce and he will be more than happy to send you a copy, with no obligation.

Enquire about sales training courses

Bruce has helped countless sales professionals and sales managers through CORE+Selling sales training in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and internationally. 
Of course, if you have any questions about any sales coaching, or sales training methods feel free to get in touch with Bruce by filling out our online enquiry form or by calling him on 0412 802 193, or simply click the email Bruce link opposite.



What key - sales training

‘CORE’ is the sales method, or ‘what we do’.

  • C = Circumstances
  • O = Obstacles
  • R = Repercussions
  • E = Explore Solutions
How Key - Sales Training

The ‘+’part is how we do things. How we relate to others. How we present our message. How we build trust. Nothing will work if we don’t get the ‘how’ right!

Why Key - Sales Training

Find the answers to the 4 ‘CORE’ questions and solve the customer’s problems in the right way. This is a powerful approach with integrity and relationships at it’s core.       This is CORE+Selling


Fantastic, inspirational & relevant. To hold the undivided attention of a room full of sales professionals is no mean feat and Bruce did it with ease — I’m impressed. My team have come away not just with excitement, but self belief that they can achieve beyond their current levels. Thanks Bruce, we will be back for more. Andrew Harris, Area Manager SA/WA, Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals

I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary sales training provided by Bruce Bowen. He not only helped us to grow and strengthen our sales team but also inspired them and coached them on an individual level. Bruce always provides concrete tools that sales professionals can immediately use. He also develops their interpersonal skills to communicate more effectively. On top of it, the training never really ends… Bruce is always willing to help if one of the trainees contact him afterwards.

Atlas Copco has worked several times with Bruce and it has always been a real success. I strongly recommend you to give him a try, you won’t regret it.”

Isabelle Boudreault, VP Human Resources, Atlas Copco Specialty Rental division

I recently engaged Bruce to provide Excellence in Customer Service training to my team. He was very thorough in understanding our needs and customising the package to suit them. His presentation was thoroughly prepared and very effective. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to provide training for a wide range of businesses and organisations.

Carla Branson – Owner @ Talking Matters

Bruce is the consummate professional – I have been more than impressed with his “CORE+Selling” approach to sales – it’s original and stimulating. My clients have benefited greatly from his skilful training approach. The fact that he speaks from experience and has successfully practised what he preaches goes along way with my small and large business clients.

Geoff Haygreen – Business Advisor at Polaris Centre

Fantastic, inspirational & relevant. To hold the undivided attention of a room full of sales professionals is no mean feat and Bruce did it with ease—I’m impressed. My team have come away not just with excitement, but self belief that they can achieve beyond their current levels. We will be back for more.

Andrew Harris – Area Manager SA/WA @Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals

I have now attended 2 training workshops facilitated by Bruce – I thoroughly enjoy the way Bruce engages his audience, how he can change the structure to accommodate specific needs and how he can change the minds of the less enthusiastic (not me!) and have them participating at a high level from the start. Bruce is a fantastic trainer who leaves a great impression on what training should be all about!

Kylie Rowe – Metcash

I have been a high end sales professional for over 20 years in real estate and new homes. I have attended numerous sales training events over the years, but nothing like this. I thought this session would be the same old same old but how wrong I was. I came away with a fresh insight and renewed energy that I have no doubt is going to have a major impact on my bottom line. What a refreshing way look at sales. I will certainly be back for more.

Gary H – Sales Professional

High energy, engaging, extremely relevant for interactions with both clients and colleagues. Having something to occupy my hands enabled me to take on more information…great idea!! All of the course was beneficial to me, even the small talk during the break. Highly recommended.

Marg B – Job Services Australia

I was extremely impressed with how our recent two day leadership training program went. Bruce is an engaging and energetic facilitator who kept the group focused from the beginning to the end. No 3pm nod offs … Bruce had the ability to tap into relevant ‘real life’ examples from our own sector which made it so much more meaningful for our group. Great work Bruce! His knowledge is amazing and he was able to adapt quickly as the group dynamics changed from topic to topic, and from one discussion to another. I am certainly looking forward o our next session with Bruce.

Peter N – Senior Manager Disability Services

Bruce’s coaching is simple yet so effective. I now carry a deck of cards with me in the car next to the console in full view, to remind me about the Aces. I’m now selling to more people – and playing with more aces.  I’m making more money in less time.

Justin Heath – Garden Helpers

Bruce is a highly skilled professional trainer and presenter, with a diverse range of experience that make his delivery both entertaining and relevant. If you want a trainer to up skill your staff in a practical, meaningful way for real results, I would highly recommend you engage the services of Bruce Bowen.

Sandra Hardie – Consultant & Wellness Coach

Bruce has been a presenter for Eastside BEC on our skills development workshops and he has done a fantastic job. His personality and easy style is a joy to follow as he gets his serious message across to small business owners on how to use those soft skills to improve bottom line profitability.

Phil Stump – Business Advisor @ Eastside Business Enterprise Centre

Bruce was initially given a brief outlining what we were hoping to achieve with the introduction of our new Leadership Program. He hit our brief to perfection with this first session which was a fantastic lead into the concept of Effective Leadership & Culture. His session is the first in a series of many to come and this training will be integral to building an effective Leadership Team and positive workplace culture. Well done Bruce and thank you!

Wendy Warren – Chief Executive at EBL Disability Services

I attended Bruce’s sales conference and wow what an eye opener. Bruce is such a motivational speaker and gave us so many sales tips and ways to build rapport with our customers and improve relations. I would definitely recommend to attend and we will be attending another one – thanks Bruce

Tina – Icon Graphic Design

I really enjoyed the session, it was fun, and involved – we participated at all levels. It was relative to me personally and Bruce was really switched on and good at what he did. He answered questions that we face regularly and helped us to understand more. Thank you, I wouldn’t have any hesitations in attending further sessions conducted by Bruce.

Mark M – Manager Electrical Retail

Training was great, Speaker was better, hope more sessions like this comes up soon. Incredibly useful and relevant to my position. Thanks

Brian J – Real Estate Sales

Wow, simple and easy to implement tools that will make a substantial impact on our management team. Bruce delivered the course content with passion and energy, and was able to relate it to every level of our business structure. I have never seen anyone empower, challenge and energise a group of people like Bruce did. We are certainly looking forward to renewed optimism and energy in the wok place. Thanks Bruce, exceptionally well done.

Jo-Anne T – City of Salisbury Council

In one of Bruce’s workshops I got some great tips to sell to different personality types. I was with a guy that I was not relating to very well, then I remembered what Bruce had said. So I changed my approach and walked out with the business – amazing. If you are in sales, then this training is a must.

Rob Hore – Ozpest

Bruce was able to tailor the exact training program we asked for and added genuine value to our sales team. I would have no trouble recommending him to any other business.

Ricky Trenberth – Operations Manager

Curtis’s  Sales & Service  

New Holland – Aust                                                                                                                  


About Bruce

Bruce Bowen has over 30 years’ experience as an Australian based sales professional. Having sat through numerous sales training events he realised it all came from the same source, the American sales gurus. While this may be fine in America, it was time to develop something that worked much better outside of America. Starting with the things that made him successful as a sales professional, Bruce developed CORE+Selling which is now in great demand. He travels the world passing on his insights and knowledge to companies large and small, transforming their sales teams into top performing sales professionals.

Through CORE+Selling Bruce is helping sales professionals to reach their full potential making more sales, more often and at higher profit margins. That’s why top 100 global companies have Bruce back again and again to train their sales teams.

You will find Bruce running sales training courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide when he is not in demand overseas.

About Sales Training

Having a great product and sales method is one thing, being able to teach it to others is another. This is why Bruce invested time, money and hard work developing his craft as a professional trainer. His passion is to teach, impart knowledge and help people to grow and be the best they can possibly be. This is a prime reason why Bruce is a highly sought after sales trainer and is engaged by some of the biggest companies in the world. Bruce is author of the book ‘It Is Time For Our Sales Culture To Grow Up’, and the creator of the sales training courses CORE+Selling® Bruce is also listed as one of the top sales trainers in the world – ‘Sales Coach World UK’. For a fresh approach to sales that is certainly more relevant and effective, CORE+Selling® definitely is – the sales training that gets results.


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