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4 Common Mistakes Made By Sales People

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Sales Training That Isn’t Sales Training!

CORE+Selling is Sales Training that is 100% against the hype, pretentiousness, games and trickery that has infected our sales industry for far too long. Please, let’s bring back integrity!

The Sales Industry is a tricky industry to stay in. And, to be honest, it has a high turn over rate as most people just can’t stand the pressure of hitting the targets put forward for them. The fact is that they just weren’t trained to hit those targets. In fact, they usually weren’t trained at all! CORE+Selling is different than other Sales Training Courses and therefore leaves the rest looking outdated or plain wrong. Below we will explain why CORE+Selling will change your sales conversions for the better, increase your profit margins and greatly improve customer retention.

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Sales Managers Should NOT Get The Blame!

Sales managers are constantly faced with lower than desired conversion rates, profit loss through discounting and a constant need for team motivation. They could only wish that their star sales person could be cloned!

This is generally due to poor sales performance, which in turn decreases individual motivation. Salespeople are often faced with the lonely journey of low conversion rates and revert to discounting as they strive to meet their required monthly targets.

This breeds an unhealthy self defeating state of mind which results in negative self talk and sets up a cycle of failure. In order to maintain their own targets, sales managers enter their own cycle of replacing, training and constantly having to motivate team members.

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But what does this really cost?

The cost of this problem goes further than time and money. Sure, the company ends up paying more training fees, recruitment costs and lost revenue whilst training up new team members.

However, on top of those losses the marketing department becomes increasingly frustrated and sometimes even demanding. Starting to blame poor conversion rates and wasted marketing spend on the companies ‘ineffective sales department’ Haven’t we all heard this one before!.

However, the cost for the Sales Manager themselves can be much more taxing. The Sales Manager often experiences high stress levels which ends up leading to a lack of job satisfaction and even shaky job security. This is a ‘stress cycle’ that no Sales Manager needs or wants.

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Core+Selling – A Simple yet Effective Solution

The Core+Selling Solution is a simple yet effective answer to stop these problems in their tracks.

In Core+Selling we put the customer in control of the sale. The sales person doesn’t have to push a sale anymore.

Simply by asking the right questions of the potential buyer, your sales person will stimulate sales. Sales driven by what the buyer actually needs.

The buyer is looking for a solution to their dominant problem, by asking the CORE questions the buyer literally sells themselves. Better still, they actually enjoy the whole sales process.

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The Ultimate Benefits – For Everyone!

Using the Core+Selling method will deliver higher sales conversions, increase profits and set your sales team on fire! When a sales person increases their sales results everyone wins.

It drives them toward an upward cycle of even more success, healthier self-talk and much stronger job satisfaction. Your sales staff will become excited about selling again! This excitement in turn cuts down stress in your job and helps you meet your own targets. This all helps toward more harmony between the Marketing and Sales Departments in any company!

When you implement the Core+Selling solution your sales people will be super-charged. They’ll deliver much higher conversions, optimal profit margins and be continually motivated to succeed. You will see increased customer relationships which will in turn stimulate more repeat sales and increased referral rates.

When your sales team is performing to, and above expectation – everyone is happy.

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What Is My Motivation?

I believe that Sales Managers have a really tough job. They’re the ones who truly need and deserve support. Sure, Sales Managers do put pressure on their team to perform. However they themselves are on the receiving end of even stronger more stressful pressure!

Their pressure often comes from the CEO, the CFO, partnerships or even whole boardrooms full of people. It’s too easy to blame the sales team for all the problems which exist in a company. I believe there’s a better way.

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A Page From My Personal Story

Years ago, I was a very successful salesperson. One morning I arrived at work and found a few of my work colleagues sitting at my desk waiting for me. I realised something was up and asked what it was.

They told me they were frustrated with my level of success. They could not figure out the secret that kept me at the top of the sales board every month.

On hearing their frustration, and empathising, I invited them into our company training room and lightly unpacked my sales approach. But what they said next was a game changer for me.

“We have never seen anything like this before, you need to be teaching this stuff.”

Their comments set in motion a pathway to my hard work mapping out my sales methodology in a way that I could easily teach it to others.

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Sales isn’t just a career, it’s a lifestyle!

And here I am, over 10 years later, with a great lifestyle. I am privileged to regularly travel the world equipping sales managers and their teams through the Core+Selling workshops. I really get a kick out of transforming a sales team and being partly responsible for their success!

I love to see Sales Managers, teams and individuals achieving their ultimate results. Getting those results whilst still being satisfied with their career at the highest possible level.

I believe there is an incredible power at the intersection of a healthy mindset, a quality reputation and a well defined sales process. The power to succeed.

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Your Opportunity

So, lets run a Core+Selling Training workshop for your sales team. Whether it be a team of one, or many, Let’s transform your sales team to deliver optimal results.

On completion of Core+Selling, you will see renewed enthusiasm in your sales team, a surprisingly quick improvement in sales conversions and better profit margins on those sales. Your team will then have access to my ongoing support and coaching. Whether it be for further upskilling, equipping new team members, or just keeping your team sharp. Whatever it is you may need.

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Your Next Step

Fill in the form on this site or call me and let’s start talking about the problems you are facing and how I can use Core+Selling as the solution!

On your call I will listen as you explain your challenges. It is important I understand your team and specific needs so I can customise Core+Selling to be your total solution. I’ll create a customised solution for your team.

From there I will work out and suggest the length of training you require. Finally, we will book in your workshop and start developing your program.

I constantly look forward to having the privilege of working with sales teams. I thrive on helping them realise the success they deserve!

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About Bruce Bowen

I’m Bruce Bowen, Founder of Sales Training With Results. I’m in the Sales Training Industry. I dramatically increase companies sales volumes and profit margins by empowering their team with a superior sales methodology. In over 30 years of experience as a sales professional I’ve worked with a range of different industries. It’s been my privilege to have worked with Top 100 Global Companies, Large Australian Companies, Local Government, Universities, Car Dealerships, Professional Bodies, Business Enterprise Centres, and more. In my history as an employed sales person my sales record is notable. I achieved number 1 sales person for 9 years running in a building company I worked for. In my sales training role I have enabled sales professionals around the world to achieve up to 143% increase in sales with a 9% rise in profit.

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