Sales Training With Results

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Let’s get straight to the point!

You are probably here because you want better sales results! 

Superior sales conversions, higher profits & great customer engagement are certainly attainable.

Developing high achievers through sales training is what I do. With over 30 years of sales experience under my belt, I know how to do it.

You will not get “better” results by doing the same things!

4 Common Mistakes Made By Sales People

Sales Training That Isn’t Sales Training!

CORE+Selling is Sales Training that is 100% against the hype, pretentiousness, games and trickery that has infected our sales industry for far too long. Please, let’s bring back integrity!

I will work with you to find the gaps, then put the right strategy in place to fix them. It might be tweaking the sales method, upskilling, or simply looking at the way your your sales message is communicated.

To get customised sales results you need a customised approach. Whether you are an individual or are in charge of a sales team, I will get you on track to achieve those sales targets once only dreamed of.

Why does it work?

With Core+Selling the customer is in control of the sale. They feel safe and not like they are being sold to. There are no more “trial closes” asking for the “minor yes” or any of the other salesy crap.

Simply by asking the right questions your customer willingly opens up about their challenges and literally sell themselves.

You just fit your solution in the required way and the job is done.

How to get started:

Fill in the form on this site or call me and let’s start talking about your challenges and which strategy is best for you.

From there we will discuss the type and length of training required. Finally, we will book in your workshop and start developing your program.

I constantly look forward to having the privilege of working with individuals and sales teams alike. I thrive on helping people realise the highest success.

Ph: 0412 802 193

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